Wine Culture – A Fine and Rare Wine MerchanteCommerce platform, digital marketing & analytics

An established leading wine distribution company in Singapore is ready to digitize their business and open up a new online sales channel.

Simple Media Works is engaged to provide a full suite of digital solutions to consult, plan, develop and train new members of the company to operate their ecommerce platform.


There are a couple of key challenges when the decision was made to start an ecommerce platform:

  • Lack of in-house resources and talent to manage an ecommerce platform
  • Complex sales process – Application of duties and GST is complex depending on buyer’s location and needs.
  • Listing up to 3000 different labels to sell online with up to 6 different attributes per product
  • How to make it easy for visitors to search and buy their wide selection of products on any devices


Real world practicality is a key consideration when we developed a custom solution for Wine Culture:

  • eCommerce Management – A program was developed to support and train new staff to manage 90% of the daily operation work such as product details update, order processing and confirmation.
  • Complex Sales Process – A custom functionality was built to detect users location and allowing them to choose their duties and delivery option during shopping and checkout.
    This allows user to know the product prices immediately whether they are for local consumption, investment or oversea purchase.
  • Listing logistical nightmare – Leverage existing product data and built a custom tool to enable batch upload and update of all the product, including stock and price data periodically.
  • Facilitate search – With up to 6 attributes per product, a custom search tool was built to enable users to quickly filter and locate wines based on their preference.


Wine Culture employees are now empowered to operate the ecommerce platform, update product details and creating new promotions.

Users are able to locate and purchase wines easily with the filter tool

Wine Culture managed to get incremental revenue (from new customers) with the new ecommerce sales channel.

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