Digital marketing

“Digital marketing is the art and science of putting your services in front of people who needs them.”

Unlike a retail shop in a mall, the world does not know about your existence and find you on their own. Having a great-looking, mobile friendly website is just the beginning…

Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Digital Marketing

We will design an online advertising campaign strategy to fit your business needs accordingly:

  • Awareness – Identify your target audience and create awareness for your business
  • Convert – Attract and convert ready-buyers who are looking for your services
  • Optimise – Explore marketing channels and deep dive your analytics to improve ROI

Set Up for Success with First-Class Execution

Driving traffic to your website is important. Getting the right kind of traffic is what counts.

Depending on your objective and budget, we will execute the planned strategy and appropriate tactics for you:

  • Display: Great for putting your brand in front of your target audience in contextually relevant environment or based on user behavior and demographic.
  • Search: Best tactic for locating “ready-buyers” for your products or services.
  • Social: Put your brand in front of your target audience in an enironment that they are familiar with. Content and story is key to engage and catch their attention.
  • Re-marketing: Connect with visitors who have been to your website or interact with your brand. A final push here would help to close the deal.

It’s All About the Results

We will track all your marketing spend for visits, leads, actions and conversions.  We will examine your analytics and develop actionable insights to support your business goals and maximise ROI.

We understand that it’s all about getting results and we are committed to putting our knowledge and best practices to work for you.

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How can we help you?

Traffic by itself is just numbers if they don’t deliver business results. Therefore, we focus on getting the “right” traffic at Simple Media Works.

We prefer to sit down and understand our clients’ needs in more detail. You can share what you’re looking for and we’ll explain if and how we can help you. If we’re a good match, we can proceed to the next step together.

We’re always happy to discuss budget based on your business objectives and requirements.

For indicative purposes, being able to invest $5,000 monthly in your campaigns would allow us to propose a wider range of options for best results.

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