Little Zebra Official Web Store – 100% Natural Latex ProductseCommerce platform, digital marketing & analytics

Little Zebra products are sold in major retail outlets such as MotherCare, Kiddy Palace, Isetan, OG and etc. As their brand gain recognition in Singapore, a new online official webstore is needed to enable its loyal customer to purchase from them at the comfort of their home.

Simple Media Works is engaged to provide a full suite of digital solutions to consult, plan, develop and train new members of the company to operate their ecommerce platform.


One of the biggest challenges for this project was a lack of digital knowledge from the Little Zebra team. This meant that they have little to no idea on what they need and where to start apart from having an ecommerce website.

Marketing budget was a key constrain too as they are not prepared to put in an appropriate budget right from the start.


Having a mobile-friendly website is a first priority for Little Zebra so that customers can start to purchase from their web store.

Secondly, an online campaign was launched (specifically targeting mothers with young children to learn more about their products.

On landing at their website, a membership program was created to gift all members 5% site wide discount when they shop at their official website – this was done to encourage purchases and collect database at the same time.

Lastly, Social marketing tactic was implemented on the website to help spread the words about their products as marketing budget was a constrain. A custom tool that allows visitors to share why they purchase Little Zebra products on their Facebook account to enjoy a further 10% discount! This simple tactic allow Little Zebra to get “free” social media visibility about their products.


Little Zebra team is empowered to operate the ecommerce platform, update product details and create new promotions by themselves.

They are also getting incremental revenue from this new ecommerce sales channel on top of their traditional retail channel.

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